The EDAPS Consortium was created by the high-tech market leaders of Ukraine, and is the only group in the world with a full range of enterprises which manufacture and implement the most highly protected identification documents and information systems in accordance with world standards.

The new Ukrainian travel passport manufactured by the EDAPS Consortium has earned recognition from the UN and OSCE, and the driver’s license produced by the Consortium has been highly acclaimed by the European Union.

The EDAPS Consortium possesses most state-of-the-art and fully certified facilities including the largest production complexes of issuance and personalization of VISA and MasterCard payment cards.

Having accomplished more than 300 large projects, the EDAPS Consortium combines unrivaled experience in document and goods protection with the application of its unique technologies in the field of lasers, polygraph,  biometrics,  holograms with removed metal coating, technologies of the use of polycarbonate, contact and contactless chips, and the creation of information systems and information technologies.

Enterprises of the Industrial group